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SNU Spinnaker Nesting Unit. A mid-pole spinnaker snuffer upgrade for various beach catamarans including:

F-18 catamarans: Falcon, Cirrus, NACRA Infusion MK2, Hobie Wildcat & Tiger, AHPC Capricorn & C2

F-16 catamarans: Falcon, NACRA F-16, AHPC Viper

Other Beach Cats: NACRA Carbon 20, NACRA Inter 20, Arc 21, C-Class Cat, Hobie FX1, Bimare 18, Hobie 16 and more...


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SNU Installation (PDF)
SNU Installation Youtube
Hobie 20 Spinnaker Conversion (PDF)


Youtube Video of SNU in action:



The SNU- We don't leave the beach without it. Whether it's on the Marstrom 20, Formula 18 or Formula 16, it leads to the win at every mark rounding, set and douse!

-John Casey
Multiple time US Multihull Champion, North American Champion, international champion, distance race champion and record holder.


I've been using the SNU Mid-Pole snuffer on my F18 Catamaran for around 4 years.  From the very first spinnaker douse I knew I had finally found a snuffing system that works like it should...every time.  This snuffer is so easy to install and remove, it's light, sleak and has a low profile.

-Ian Sammis

I had a chance to put the SNU from Dennis Key to the tough- test this past weekend on my FX-ONE. We did a 15 mile downwind race from Santa Cruz to Moss Landing. I sailed back Sunday and played the puffs along the beach where I had a chance to douse the chute about 50 times. It is the best one out of the three snuffer systems I've had on the boat so far. I feel like it was gentler on the sail, so I might get some more life out of the spi. It's light too--around 1#.

-Jeremy, Surf City Catamarans

My crew for the weekend was an eleven year old kid that weighed in at 80lbs. He was able to fully deploy the kite in 8-10 knot winds, and retrieve it fully into the bag on the return. It really exceeded my expectations for ease of use. I thought I’d be pulling the chute in myself. Smooth was the word for the weekend! Thanks for bringing this design to the market! I know it’s a lot of work.

-Donald Atchley


My crew seemed to always have trouble hoisting and dousing the chute. It was tough to pull, there were snags and we definitely had delays at the windward and leeward marks. Others I talked to had similar problems or they had such large snuffers that they worried about weight and windage. I decided to try the SNU (Spinnaker Nesting Unit) by Dennis Key. I couldn't believe it. Dennis has done an excellent job of understanding the dynamics of the chute and the snuffer. When I'm solo sailing, I can raise or lower the chute pulling side arm, still able to look around for traffic, and without getting my legs or back into the action. It's amazing how easily it works.

- Dave Ness, Tiger Tamer